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Telephone Refurbishing Options
Repair Only - $30.00
With this option, we only do the standard repair with no cosmetic work done to your phones.  You will receive your phones back in the same condition you sent them.
Clean/Polish - $7.50 (In addition to Test or Repair Charge)
When you choose to have your phone cleaned/polished by a refurbishing technician, we will clean your phone with different cleaning agents that have proven to be effective.  We then buff out the scratches and imperfections in the display to look like new.  Last, we polish your phone to give it a like-new shine. 

*This will not remove scratches, dents, etc. from your phone.

Complete Refurbishing - $7.50-$42.50** (In addition to Test or Repair Charge)
This option is for those who want to see a new phone sitting on their desk.  One of the best features of our refurbishing process is that you only pay for what we have to replace!  For instance, if you send in an Avaya 9650D01A to be completely refurbished and our technician makes the assessment that it only requires a faceplate and clean/polish, we will charge you for that and nothing else!  Most businesses have a set price that assumes they will have to replace everything and will charge you that higher price regardless of what is done.  We do not believe in that and have priced our refurbishing on this premise.  This freedom also allows you, if you wish, to set a price for us to not exceed in refurbishing your product.

**These prices will vary by model.  Price is for base only (does not include handset or stand). These prices are in addition to repair charges.

Repair Only Clean/Polish Complete Refurbishing

Our Process
Upon being entered into our system, your repair order will receive a repair authorization number, or RA#.  When your equipment arrives, it will be received by our seasoned warehouse staff who will identify, label, and move your equipment to its next location.  Depending on what your equipment is in for, we will process it accordingly from there.  If your equipment needs to be repaired, it will move on to our board level repair department and will be repaired by an experienced technician.  If your item needs to be refurbished, it will go to our refurbishing department where it will be refurbished based on your specifications. Click here for phone refurbishing options.  If you are not quite sure what the status of your equipment is, you may opt for your equipment to simply be tested.  In this case, our quality control staff will perform a complete test on your equipment and we will report our findings to you.  Once one or more of these steps have been completed, your product will be sent to our quality control staff for an extensive final test.  If this test is passed, it will then move on to shipping and back to you!

B T Systems, Inc. is an independent company specializing in telecommunication equipment repair and sales.  B T Systems, Inc. is not affiliated with and does not represent Avaya, Nortel, Cisco or Polycom.   Trademarks and logos are the property of their respective manufacturers.
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